A note from WED

Hello friends. Thank you for visiting our blog!  My name is Irene and most who know me, know that I am not great at expressing my thoughts in words, mostly GIFs or emojis, but thought I would give it a shot and share a little about how WED came to be.  Back in my early college days, WED was just an idea that I could only wish to bring to life. But it all began as I was wrapping up my senior year studies in apparel design in Chicago and packing up to  move to the Big Apple for my design internship. My bestie was getting married and had this crazy idea to ask me to design and make her wedding gown.  I thought she was nuts letting me take on such a huge and special responsibility.   Needless to say, I was ecstatic and just couldn’t resist working with my first bride!  I still feel so honored to this day that she chose me!  And the best part is that her anniversary is the same day as my bday…the best birthday present I could ask for!

As mentioned, I had the pleasure of working in the NYC apparel industry for years as an apparel designer.  This time period of my life was so amazing, not only because of the opportunity to be an apparel designer as my career, but also because I had the chance to meet my now husband/best daddy to our lil man.  (Side note: Cheers to celebrating 6 years of wedded bliss!) There is such a spectacular feeling in creating collections season after season, but working in the industry, I felt there was something special missing…Working with customers directly.

After meeting my husband we decided to leave NYC together and move to Charleston, SC. We lived in one of the most beautiful historic cities in the US, and I had such an amazing opportunity working with a mother/daughter owned bridal boutique.  As a bridal consultant, I had the pleasure to work with brides and fell in love with the whole process.

Our path over the past 10+ years has taken us from NYC to Charleston, to Florida and finally back to my home, Fort Worth, TX.  I have kept bridal in my life over the years through design, custom gown requests and gown alterations.  We’ve had this dream to open a special bridal boutique with an inviting atmosphere where brides can feel welcome and have a spectacular experience in finding their dream dress.  I look forward to applying my passion to better each bride’s experience and of course, see her go from bride to WED.

From our family to yours, Cheers!

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