A Real WED Bride: Cassie Erwin

A romantic and intimate mountain setting with stunning vintage touches, created the most beautiful day for newlywed’s Cassie and Cole! Real WED bride Cassie’s bohemian chic gown, ‘Sorvette’ by Wtoo, was paired with modern knee-high white leather boots and a crisp white western hat. The outdoor ceremony in Livingston, Montana featured rustic colored florals and bold textured details that beautifully contrasted against the natural mountain landscape. Meanwhile, the cozy reception area used long family-style tables filled with colorful, lush florals and warm wood elements under a canopy of twinkling fairy lights.

This laid-back couple kept everything relaxed and fun, from getting ready, to the grand exit. Scroll below to see more stunning pictures from real WED bride Cassie’s intimate day!

How did you and your husband meet? How did he propose?

We met at a bar! But really, we were both out with different friends and ended up having a friend in common that introduced us. We danced and laughed all night and were attached at the hip ever since. Cole lived in Oklahoma when we met so one of my first questions was if he would move to Texas, he said yes and it didn’t take long for that to happen. We knew we wanted to get married very early into our relationship and didn’t waste any time getting it done! Best decision ever. Cole proposed on a Sunday morning after brunch. I knew it was coming because he asked me not to wear my Cowboys jersey (dead give away.) We ate at the biscuit bar with his brother Tyler, and then we walked over to Hotel Drover for “a drink”.  Cole suggested we take a photo in front of the hotel and when we were doing some poses he got down on one knee. After I said yes, my family and friends started popping out of bushes everywhere! Eeeek! It was the best day ever (except the cowboys lost.)

Why did you and Cole decide on your venue – Livingston, Montana? 

We discussed doing the traditional big wedding somewhere in between his family and mine. But this micro wedding thing was trending and coming up everywhere which made me very intrigued. Cole’s bucket list US destination was Montana. So I got on Airbnb and started looking at lodges that would allow a small event. I found the perfect one and when I showed him, we knew that was the way we wanted to go. We had 26 people total including Cole and myself, the intimacy made it sooooo special. 

Did you have other events planned with family & friends leading up to the big day?

Since we had a destination wedding, we had a few family things we did before the day of! The Thursday before, we went to the Old Saloon and danced to a live band! So fun for everyone. Then of course rehearsal dinner the day before. We ate outside and had the most unreal mountain scape behind us. The final event we had planned was actually after the wedding, the next day we helped our friends get engaged and celebrated the start of a new journey. 

How did you decide on your dress? Was it what you had initially pictured?

I knew exactly what I wanted. Something with long full dramatic sleeves. I tried on one dress that didn’t fit my vision just to be sure, and nope! Wasn’t it. What I didn’t know was how many stinking dresses WED had that would fit my vision! It was the hardest to pick which was my actual favorite, I seriously felt like every one I tried on could’ve been stunning and that’s where my friends and family came in handy. Every single one of them agreed on the same dress so it was obvious that it was the one.

What was the most meaningful and memorable moment of the entire wedding?

Every piece of the ceremony. I thought for sure I’d appreciate the after party the most but when you  are in that moment with your person it is so unreal to feel that love and commitment. On our actual first date out, we went to an antique store and picked out fake wedding rings for each other and joked that if the courthouse was open that we’d just go get married that day. During our ceremony, as a surprise to Cole, we used our first date rings as the exchange. To me this symbolized us coming completely full circle. 

Lastly, what would be your one piece of advice for engaged couples? 

Do your best to take in wedding day as much as you can. Give tasks to other people so you can enjoy every moment. It goes by so fast and when it’s over you just wish you could go back and live in that moment forever. 

We are so thankful we got the opportunity to share this beautiful day with you, Cassie! The WED Bridal team appreciates you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day and feature some of your timeless moments on the real WED bride blog. A huge congratulations to you and Cole from all of us here at WED!


Venue: Cutbow Bend Lodge

Photographer: Reagan Welch Photography 

Hair & Makeup: Cassie Erwin and Ashlee Lowe 

Florist: One Tree Bridal 

Invitations: AWildBloomPrintables 

Cake: Decadent Bozeman 

Catering: Rosas Pizza 

Rentals: Montana Party Rentals 

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