A Real WED Bride: Francesca Jaramillo

We are so excited to feature one of our most recent brides, Mrs. Francesca Jaramillo! This gorgeous real WED bride is wearing the unique Wtoo gown, “Montgomery”. This stunning dress features an illusion v-neckline, with an embroidered bodice and tiered horsehair skirt. The WED team had the honor sharing details given by Mrs. Frankie on her stunning, cathedral inspired day.

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How did you and your fiancé meet? How’d he propose?

Anthony and I met in high school. To give some background, we were both taking AP bio, I was a junior and he was a senior. Anthony LOVES to talk and I can be very shy at first. In high school Anthony would always stay a little bit after class to talk to the teacher & friends, so naturally he was late to biology the very first day of school and the only seat left was right in front of me. Over time Anthony would talk to me and we got to know each other better, the rest is history.

We had been dating for 7 years and decided to go on a cruise to the Bahamas for spring break. Anthony was in dental school at the time and needed a fun getaway and I was a tired nurse looking for any vacation I could get! It was March 13th, 2020 and we were at the airport ready to board the plane for Jacksonville, FL when Trump tweets that he was cancelling all cruises due to COVID effective immediately. We were so heartbroken, but thankfully the plane we were going to take hadn’t started boarding yet, so we went to retrieve our luggage. After an hour and a half of waiting in baggage claim, they told us they accidentally sent our bags anyways even though we decided to cancel our trip. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, we would get them back eventually, but Anthony walked around the corner and was sobbing (I had never seen him cry before). I had no clue of the real reason for the trip, but come to find out (much later), the engagement ring was packed in his luggage.

Fast-forward 24 hours, we were both still so bummed out about our trip but finally got our luggage back (after many calls to the Jacksonville airport). Anthony asked if I wanted to go to our favorite winery up in the hill country and make the most out of our week off and of course I said yes (I wasn’t going to turn down some good wine haha). The morning of the proposal, Anthony went to go get breakfast tacos, which if you know him is super weird because he never eats breakfast. Little did I know, he basically planned the engagement that morning. The reason he went to get breakfast was so he could call the manager of the winery to set up the proposal for later that day.

We get ready and head out to Das Peach Haus, one of our favorite wineries in Fredericksburg. When we got there, we got a bottle of wine and headed out to the back patio. We went over to the dock that overlooks a nice pond and there was a sign that said “Reserved”. I said, “Anthony we can’t go over there, it’s reserved.” And he said, “It’s reserved for us.” As we got closer, I saw this giant bouquet of roses and immediately started crying, I knew this was it! He played a video for me that he had made which displayed 100 days of him asking me to marry him. Then he got down on one knee and popped the question! God was definitely looking out for us because the manager of the winery just so happened to have a professional photographer coming out that day to take pictures of the winery, so she photographed the whole engagement and then we did a little photo shoot after. Even though it wasn’t what he originally planned, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Were there any traditions that you and your fiancé implemented during your wedding day? What is the importance of the wooden box featured in your bridal suite?

Anthony and his dad love woodworking! They have made so many things together and it’s something Anthony really enjoys doing. He actually made me that box which has inscribed “With my hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love” and put my wedding present in it. I was so amazed by what he created and he had gotten me a bracelet from Tiffany’s to wear on the big day. 

We were also given a wooden wine box from his dad that has our names and wedding date on it. Together, we also wrote a note to ourselves and placed it in the box along with a bottle of wine from our wedding night. The intent is so we can open it on each anniversary and enjoy a bottle of wine and read the letter placed in it from the previous year. It’s sort of like a mini time capsule to celebrate our growth together over the years.

What inspired you to choose such a fun color scheme?

So anyone that knows me knows that blush is one of my favorite colors. Blush is a neutral as far as I’m concerned haha, so I knew I wanted that as one of the colors. I am also obsessed with anything gold, so I had to have little pops of gold here and there. Then in terms of flowers I knew I wanted white and green to be the main focus. Out of all the greens, sage has to be my favorite. It’s gorgeous, so soft and I think it looks good on everyone. So I chose sage and white, with gold and blush accents. Different from your normal wedding colors, but I think it made ours so unique. From our stationery, to the décor, to the florals, I am so happy with how it turned out!

Was there anything that changed from you and your fiancés original vision to what actually came to be on your wedding day?

Honestly, not really! We are so fortunate and thankful to have such supportive parents that made our dreams come to life. It was truly such a fairytale day!

Last but not least, did you have any “bloopers” or funny moments on the day of that you’ll always remember?

Anthony had decided that he wasn’t going to give his brother the rings until we were on the bus headed to the Cathedral, that way there was little chance of them being forgotten. I think we all know where this is going! Somehow his brother got distracted when we were off-loading and they were left on the bus. He literally had 1 job! Meanwhile I assigned each of my bridesmaids a different task and they were all on top of it…while in full glam and heels! The Cathedral is in downtown San Antonio and the bus couldn’t stay parked there, so it left as soon as it dropped us off. Thankfully Anthony’s uncle used to work for that charter company and was able to get a hold of the driver to come back ASAP. Anthony got the rings back (mid-ceremony) and I never knew a thing until after the wedding.

Not so much a blooper, but my dad had kept telling me the day of the wedding that he had a surprise in store for me. I kept wondering what it could possibly be. Finally, we were at the reception and he whispered to me one more time, “I have a surprise for you, a visit from an old friend.” I turned to Anthony and said, “Oh my God is Pooh bear about to show up?” I grew up watching Winnie the Pooh and my dad had gotten me a Pooh bear stuffed animal that I have had since I was 2 years old. I took that bear EVERYWHERE, everyone knew it was mine! I would say I had at least 3 Winnie the Pooh themed birthday parties. The obsession was real! Sure enough, one of my dad’s friends dressed up like Winnie the Pooh and came out to the dance floor holding a rose for me. I was SHOCKED to say the least but it is such a fun memory that I have and it made my dad so happy to have that moment. 

We are so thankful we got the opportunity to share this beautiful day with you, Frankie! The WED Bridal team appreciates you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day and feature some of your special moments on the real WED bride blog. A huge congratulations to you and Anthony from all of us here at WED!


Venue: Park 31

Photographer: Katie Knotts Photography

Hair & Makeup: Jax Studio

Wedding Planner: Hazel and Bloom

Florist: Reiley and Rose

Invitations: Aryn Graves Calligraphy

Cake: Jane Dough

Catering: Royal Fig 

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