A Real WED Bride: Sophia Lott

We are so excited to showcase one of our most recent brides, Mrs. Sophia, as one of our gorgeous real WED brides! Her bohemian Studio Levana gown, Cherry, was the perfect, trendy touch for her retro day! Her dress features the most stunning geometric lace, a perfect plunge neckline, and a modern center slit. The WED team had the honor sharing details given by Mrs. Sophia on her gorgeous, unique day.

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Tell us about your Husband! How did you two meet? How did he propose?

How we met: Justin has been friends with Kris Gray (groomsman) since college, where they were roommates. While they were living together Kris started dating Ashton (bridesmaid), his now-wife. Ashton also happens to be my (Sophia’s) cousin. My (Sophia’s) family is very, very close and loves to include any and everyone in parties and celebrations. So throughout the years Justin and I were around one another for different parties and events but never really connected. That is until Easter weekend of ’16. Everyone gathered in College Station to be together for the holiday weekend. That night a beer pong tournament was held and me and Justin were put on the same team, thus Team Juphia was born. They went on to win the whole tournament, but the deal wasn’t sealed until Justin pop, locked, and dropped his way into my heart. After that night I was smitten. Little did I know that Justin had also developed a little crush. With a little help from the Gray’s, Justin and I started talking.

The Proposal: Every year my family goes on a big family trip. In 2019, we went to the Florida Keys. I had no idea that this year’s trips would be the most memorable yet. All of Justin’s plans were quickly thrown off track by massive amounts of sarcasm (seaweed the smells like rotting eggs), and hellish little bugs called no-see-ums that completely covered me in itchy bites every time I stepped outside. With the help of everyone on the trip, and a very oblivious me, Justin hatched a new plan. The group had spent the day beach hopping in Key West and decided to end the day having a nice dinner at a restaurant on the water at sunset. Under the guise of taking group pictures, my cousin Aston said “Let me get one of just you and Justin.” As I was going to pose, Justin was getting on one knee. He popped the question, laughs and tears were shared, and we topped it off with a toast with my whole family!

What was your most emotional and/or special part of your wedding day?

We did our vows a little differently than usual. We actually borrowed the idea from our groomsmens Alex’s wedding to his wife, Melissa. We had our wedding party do our vows. They alternated telling stories from our lives growing up over the years. Each story was ended by being tied into a vow they asked the bride or groom to make. We had no idea what stories they would tell. Hearing each one and how they connected that person to us, and the way they highlighted who Justin and I are as people was so unique and special. Those moments with each of our favorite people are memories of our wedding that I know we will cherish forever.

What inspired you to choose such a fun theme for your wedding?

My dad has always been into interior design and design in general, so I grew up understanding that vintage anything is just going to be cooler. Mine and Justin’s house now is decorated in mostly vintage furniture. It’s kind of always been my style and Justin is just a good sport! Who doesn’t want disco balls in their flowers? 

Did you have any “bloopers” or funny moments on the day of that you’ll always remember?

There’s is only one thing that I can think of is because literally, everything went smoothly (or at least that’s how it seemed to me) thanks to my planner Kristin Thompson, she seriously was amazing and deserves an extra shout-out. The one thing is that we had to start hair and makeup pretty early, 5:30 am. We stayed at my parents house the night before so my bridesmaids are in various guestrooms and the backhouse. I wake up and our hair and makeup ladies are already there and setup and ready for them. Except no one is awake. The first on the schedule is one of my girls that’s sleeping in the backhouse. I go back there and it pitch black. I leave the lights of and quietly good “Good morning. It’s very early but it’s time to wake up! Take your time but come on.” There’s silence for a few seconds then just, “leave b*tch.” Then another voice in the dark “is that Sophia?” then another “yes duh!”. I’ll never forget walking around waking up each friend and each one responding exactly the way I guessed they would. I know my girls.

Last but not least, where is your favorite Cowtown (Fort Worth) hangout spot & why?

We order in Taco Joint multiple times a week, it’s a problem. If we go out we love Katy Trail Ice House. That’s where we take people from out of town. Actually, we had our morning after the wedding brunch for out-of-town family there.

We are so thankful we got the opportunity to share this beautiful day with you, Sophia! The WED Bridal team appreciates you for allowing us to be apart of your wedding day and feature some of your special moments on the real WED bride blog. A huge congratulations to you and Justin from all of us here at WED!


Venue: Ceremony at Arts Misson Oak Cliff & Reception at Hickory Street Annex

Photographer: Lana del Mar Photo

Videographer: Hereafter Films

Hair & Makeup: Sharayah Lee at Golden Hour Artistry

Wedding Planner: Kristin Thompson at KPT Event Planning

Florist: Kate McCleod

Invitations: Peach Wolfe

Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets

Catering: Gil’s Catering

Rentals: Sugar Creek Rentals

Band: In10city Band

Custom wedding Jewelry: Tittyhawk

Dress: Studio Levana from Wed Bridal

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