Real WED Bride: Danica Atwood

Danica Real WED Bride Elopement

We can’t get over our real WED Bride Danica’s dream-worthy elopement in San Diego this past February!  When she sent us the photos, we fell out of our chairs.  Danica looked gorgeous in our Tracie gown by Israel-based designer Studio Levana.

Keep scrolling for our Q&A session with Danica and more of her dreamy photos!

How did you and your husband meet and how’d he propose?

Daniel and I met at a friends poker night. I had never played before and he gave me some pointers and he ended up winning that night as well. I started playing with them regularly and we began dating. We got married on 2/2/2020 which was the 2 year anniversary of the day we met.  He proposed to me at a water lantern festival in Arlington, where we made floating lanterns of our intentions/wishes for the coming year. Then the next morning he woke me up bright and early for a sunrise hot air balloon ride that he had planned. It was something we both wanted to cross off our bucket list and it was so magical.

What made you and your husband decide on an elopement, and was there anything that changed from the original vision to what came to be?

Well it really was the date. When we realized that our 2 year anniversary was falling on 2/2/2020 we knew it was fate.  We got engaged in October so that didn’t leave us much time for a big wedding. Then we came across the company Simply Eloped and it all fell into place. They have different locations all around the US with different packages you can pick from.  They provide you with location information, an officiant and a photographer. They could also provide hair/ make up references, rental references, and florists. Basically everything a wedding planner would do for you within your packages. We decided to go with the officiant and photographer and they were amazing. Some couples elope with guests and others do it on their own. Either way they help get it all setup and ready for you.  We selected San Diego because neither of us had ever been before and the Sunset cliffs just sound so beautiful. 

What is the most memorable moment you have from your elopement?

The whole day was very memorable. We were lucky to find an amazing Airbnb right on the cliffs where we got our permit for the ceremony. So we didnt have to go anywhere the day of, everyone came to us. We started our day with a couples massage. We found a company that did home visits and they setup their tables right in our Airbnb. Then we took our time getting ready but separately so not to see each other before the ceremony.  But for me, the most memorable moments were the minutes right before the ceremony.  Daniel had gone out to the cliff with our photographer, videographer and officiant and I called my parents to talk to them right before I went out. It was so special because it made it feel like they were with us during those moments even though they were hundreds of miles away. Then I walked out to our patio and saw Daniel standing on the cliff look at the ocean waiting for me and it made me so happy. I walked out to the street and cars driving by hooked and cheered and when I turned the corner I saw him smiling so big. It really was a perfect moment.  I remembered one of my friends telling me to take my time to enjoy the moments because its over before you know it and it really was the best advice I could have gotten because the day just flew by but that advice really helped me capture that memory  and now I have it forever. 

Did you have any “bloopers” or funny moments on the day of that you’ll always remember?

Well since we were traveling to elope I had shipped a few boxes of items I wanted for the day of.  We had found a beautiful cake tray but unfortunately the cake tray didn’t make it in one piece. But my handy (soon to be)Husband was able to glue it back together and surprisingly it made it back home again.  Then while on the patio having cake and champagne Daniel popped the cork on the Champagne bottle and it flew off right into the ocean. That was a pretty funny memorable moment for us both

What advice or resources would you recommend for to brides planning an elopement?

Well Simply Eloped was the best.  I would say definitely look for help from them or a wedding planner if you are doing an elopement away from your home.  And be sure to research the requirements for the state and city. We had to get a permit secured for our locations and pay the city as well as get our marriage license before the ceremony.  So be sure to plan enough time to get the business side done before the ceremony.  And make it memorable. I made sure to have a few signature touches with us to photograph and make me feel special. Things like poker chips and cards, some signs we made, a custom robe for while I was getting ready,  and of course my beautiful Wedding dress. Also, remember  just because you aren’t doing a traditional wedding doesn’t mean you cant follow some of the traditions.  I still wanted a  traditional wedding dress even though it was just us on the day because the dress is what makes you feel like a bride.  I wore mine all night and couldn’t stop twirling.

 What is your favorite local Funky Town (AKA Fort Worth) date night spot?  Either for happy hour, dinner or entertainment.

We love Fort Worth. Our bachelor/bachelorette night out we went to Petes Piano Bar to celebrate with friends.  We love craft beers and Ft Worth has a few Breweries to choose from, Martin house is our favorite And we often head down to the stockyards for Shows at Billy Bobs. 

Kind Words from Danica

My future sister in law also bought her dress from WED and will be getting married this October in Hawaii.  We both worked with Irene and LOVE the shop so much!! Thank you!! 

We were so grateful to share your story Danica, and absolutely loved cherishing the details with you! Thank you so much for being a WED Bride. Lots of love from the team at WED!


Venue | Sunset Cliffs, San Diego CA
Photographer + Videographer | Luisa Renay + Matt Hopf
Wedding Planner | Simply Eloped
Florist | Southern Blooms Co. Wood Flower Bouquet
Cake | European Cakes, San Diego CA
Catering | Dinner at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

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