Real WED Bride: Megan Sartin

We are so excited to share another Real WED Bride with you on our blog, featuring our beautiful bride Megan!  Megan looked stunning in a fit-n-flare gown by Lillian West.  The dress featured an intricate illusion back detail that blended into side cutouts with unique lace applique throughout.

We went behind the scenes with WED Bride Megan and her new husband, Dylan to give you a sneak peek into their big day!

How did you and your fiancé meet and how’d he propose?

Dylan and I first met in 2013 through my brother, Mason who is also Dylan’s fraternity brother. I was attending school at Tarleton State University at the time and was in town to visit Mason at Sam Houston State University. My first impression of Dylan was…. why is the guy smiling so much? We didn’t meet again until two years later when I started to visit SHSU a lot more on the weekends.  I started to fall in love with Sam Houston and the group of friends I had found. Dylan was actually one of the people that convinced me to transfer to SHSU that summer! Bobby was one of my best friends when I started there and we were always together. He was the Vice President of Delta Tau Delta and I was one of the Delta Tau Delta sweethearts. We went hunting, fishing, had cookouts, and studied together. Dylan was always there to help me when I was having trouble with friends, boys or being homesick and we were inseparable for the first six months I transferred. Eventually, as time went on we became more than friends. Dylan asked me to be his girlfriend on September 21, 2015. Now, three and a half years later, we are both Sam Houston State University graduates, work and live in Dallas, TX and have two fur children, Ember and Honey. Now looking back at our time together we are so thankful for my brother, Mason, for introducing us!

Dylan proposed by surprising me during family pictures for Christmas. During our time home with Dylan’s family for Thanksgiving, his mom wanted to take pictures for Christmas cards… little did I know, it was much more than Christmas cards. Dylan and I were taking pictures together and I was supposed to be acting like I was passing a candy cane to him with my back turned. When I turned around… he was on one knee, with tears in his eyes and asked me to be his wife. 


Was there anything that changed from you and your fiancé’s original vision to what actually came to be on your wedding day?

I came to WED during the summer to find my perfect/dream dress by Lillian West. I came in with the idea that I wanted something long sleeve with no lace, and almost no skin showing because I wasn’t confident with how I looked at the time. I walked out with the exact opposite dress I had in mind because Irene and her team made me feel confident and beautiful with how I looked in my dream dress. I can’t thank them enough for helping me realize that I am fine just the way I am. This dress was so comfy and fit my wedding perfectly. Tailoring By Rios was also so accommodating to my schedule and helped me fix what I needed in a timely manner. Both companies will always receive my recommendations. Thank you for helping make my dream day perfect!

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. 

We only viewed one venue that I had actually found 6 months into Dylan and I dating (that’s when I knew I wanted to marry him). I HAD to get married under that big oak tree in Montgomery, Texas at Pine Lake Ranch. I didn’t want to look anywhere else. I am a plant health care specialist for a tree care company in Dallas, so when I found that tree I became obsessed. 

We knew exactly who we wanted standing by our side as well. We asked our friends and officiant within a month of being engaged. Our officiant is one of Dylan’s fraternity brothers. We look up to him and his wife’s relationship and often seek advice from him. He has also been like a big brother to me over the years. Dylan’s best man was his oldest brother, and someone he has looked up to his whole life. My Matron of Honor was my childhood best friend and my Man of Honor was apart of the fraternity we were in. He has also been like a big brother to me over the years.

I walked down the aisle to the song “I Waited For You” by Private Drive. It reminds me so much of our relationship, listening to it now still gives me chills. Our first dance song was “Stay A Little Longer” by Brothers Osborne. We love to two-step and pretzel so we wanted to do something a little more upbeat. Plus, this is the song I would jam out in my car when I first started dating Dylan because it reminded me of us.

Our hashtag was #ItsANiceDayForAWardWedding

We live for the oldies and of course that was the walk-in song for the bridal party reception introductions. IT’S A NICE DAY FOR A WHITE WEDDING!!! Dylan and I walked into the song “Thunderstruck” by ACDC. Our fraternity brothers and friends all have a fun drinking game we play when we hear this song. So it definitely set a fun upbeat mood for the night!

What is the most memorable moment you had during your wedding day?

My most memorable moment of the day was my dad’s speech, it was a poem he wrote for Dylan and I. He writes poetry often but this one hit home. 

To My Princess

What a blessing we received, When to us you came, One look at my princess, And I would never be the same.
A man loves his wife, Gladly making her his bride.  But when she gives him a daughter, A man truly knows pride.
A man needs his sons, His name to carry on, But its in his daughter’s love, That his gentleness can be shown.
Her shy little smile, And lovely blue eyes that shine, Whisper the words Daddy, And my heart never again to be mine.
I have ached for you my dear, When adversity you faced, A father instinct is to protect, Put everything right and in its place.
You have worked hard and diligent, For all that you have achieved, I couldn’t be more proud of you, In your abilities, I always believed.
Proud, strong, sure and knowing, Against long odds, you can be daring. But thoughtful, kind, sincere, Your love of life and living, gladly sharing.
You are an incredible young woman, But I still see my little girl, You will always be my princess, You will always be my world
I prayed you’d find true love, Blessed as I by my amazing wife. A love that would always grow, From a man who sees YOU as his life.
A young man of strength and integrity, Has asked for your hand, And I can now rest easily knowing, He will be there for you when I no longer can.
You couldn’t have picked a better man, A man on which your heart can depend, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, with your husband, your best friend.
So I will gladly give your hand, And two become husband and wife.And I see you smile that beautiful smile, As you carry on your enchanted life.

My dad is my hunting/fishing buddy and absolute best friend, he’s got me through some pretty hard times. We are truly two peas in a pod, just alike as my mom would say!

Did you have any “bloopers” or funny moments on the day of that you’ll always remember?

I had A LOT of bloopers for my wedding…. my goal for the day was to prank my groom as much as I could. I had a prank for the first look, a flower dude, and I also iced him during the garter toss.

The First Look:

Dylan went out with a tie over his face and I went out dressed up and ready to do our first look. I touched his hands, talked to him, and gave him a kiss….then I ran off. Dylan then took off the blindfold to be greeted by my Man of Honor in his costume Halloween dress… it was quite tasteful.

The Flower Dude:

Of course, I had a cute flower girl. But I knew Dylan would be super nervous with a bunch of people staring at him… so why not make him laugh before the cuteness of the flower girl?  I had one of his fraternity brothers throw some petals down the aisle with a straight face… He even blew the petals in Dylan’s face before sitting down! 

The Icing:

One joke our families have is we like to “ice” each other with Smirnoff ice drinks when we are least expecting it. Whenever you are caught off guard with a drink put in your hands, you are required to chug it. So while Dylan wasn’t paying attention, my awesome wedding planner slipped a Smirnoff ice under my dress before he went to get my garter… then when he went to get it, he grabbed the Smirnoff and had to chug it in front of everyone. He wasn’t expecting that one at all.

Last but not least, what is your favorite local Funky Town (AKA Fort Worth) date night spot? 

Our favorite place is Joe T Garcias, you can never go wrong with good Mexican food and margaritas!!! Plus, the place is so cute and fun to hang out at!


What a beautiful wedding, Megan!  We loved helping you find your dream dress and wish you lots of love and happiness with Dylan.  Thank you for choosing to be a WED bride!


Venue: Pine Lake Ranch
Photographer: C. Baron Photography
Hair & Makeup: Shelby Callaway
Wedding Planner: Brittany Ramos with My Event Angels
Florist: E. Johnston Designs
Invitations: Minted
Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes
Catering: Mels Country Cafe
Rentals: My Event Angels

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