Real WED Brides: Leah Littenberg

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Our latest blog installment is “Real WED Brides” which is going to feature our beautiful newlyWEDs that have let us be a part of their wedding journey!  We decided to ask a series of questions that capture the essence of their wedding and personality.  Today we’re featuring real WED Bride, Leah Littenberg, married on June 22, 2019, and wore our Wtoo “Lineisy” gown.

How did you and your fiancé meet and how’d he propose?

 Alan and I actually met at our mutual friend from TCU, Ryan’s wedding in December 2017! Which made wedding planning and having our own wedding that much more special! (If that’s even possible, ha!) Alan proposed to me after 9 months of dating on the dock of my parents house on Lake Austin. We were down in Austin for the TCU- UT football game. It was raining outside and so he had to think of a clever way to get me to the edge of the point. His clever way was- “Hey Leah, come help me pick up Ranger’s poop before we head to breakfast!” My response- “It’s raining, I’m not going to go help you pick up your dog’s poop!” …after a few seconds, I realized there may be more than just dog doo-doo outside and gave in to his generous request. I blacked out and honestly don’t remember him even getting on one knee. Luckily our wedding photographer, Lucy Struve, was there to capture it and prove to me that he in fact get on one knee!

Was there anything that changed from you and your fiancé’s original vision to what actually came to be on your wedding day?

 Honestly the biggest thing that changed was my dress 🤦🏽‍♀️ I was pretty overwhelmed by the whole wedding dress shopping experience and ended up buying a dress the very first day that I went out shopping with my mom and Alan’s mom. Fast forward to a few months later when the dress came in for alterations, I had a minor freak out and realized it wasn’t the dress I wanted to get married in. My mom was super understanding and convinced me to go out dress shopping some more – enter you and WED. Since you had just opened up your shop, I honestly had never even heard of y’all, but my mom started researching wedding dress shops and basically pushed me in the door. I’m SO thankful she did because I can’t imagine getting married in a different dress, and I especially can’t imagine getting married in the first dress I bought!

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What is the most memorable moment you had during your wedding day?

 There were so many memorable moments, but I think our first dance to “Africa” by ToTo was so much fun and memorable. Alan and I both love 80’s music, and this has always kind of been “our song.” We decided pretty early on in the wedding planning process that we didn’t want to do a traditional slow first dance song, so we went with our gut and in my honest opinion, killed it on the dance floor. We got married on the stage of Bass Hall so it felt fitting that we had our own little performance on stage. I think my second favorite memorable moment was our last private dance. This was something we kind of added in last minute and I am so glad we did! We danced to the song “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green and there’s something so surreal about dancing with your new husband in a completely empty room on the stage at Bass Hall. It made for some incredible pictures as well. Alan doesn’t know it yet, but one of those pictures will end up in our home soon

Did you have any “bloopers” or funny moments on the day of that you’ll always remember?

Here’s two of my favorite funny moments:
1. Cake cutting- our groom’s cake were cakes of both of our dogs, Ranger and Shiner. After we cut our bride’s cake, everyone encouraged us to cut into our dogs (that was a hard sell), but we went ahead and dove into Ranger’s butt . Alan was so excited about the chocolate cake inside that he forgot he was supposed to feed it to me and went ahead and put a huge bite of cake into his mouth. Mid-bite, I screamed that we were supposed to feed each other so he proceeds to take the bite out of his mouth and tries to feed it to me instead there are some great pictures of my disgusted face at his attempt to feed me his half eaten cake.

Grooms cake at Leah's wedding

 2. We had an unofficial after party at Studio 80 in downtown Fort Worth after our reception. Alan and I, plus a ton of our guests, weren’t quite ready to end the dancing (and I wasn’t quite ready to get out of my wedding dress!) After a few attempts of begging the DJ to play Africa by ToTo, they finally announced that we had just gotten married and started to play Africa. All of our guests proceeded to clear part of the dance floor for us so we could do our first dance routine again.  We really made the most out of that dance routine, and my dress, that day!

Last but not least, what is your favorite local Funky Town (AKA Fort Worth) date night spot? Either for happy hour, dinner or entertainment.

We are definitely creatures of habit, although we do love to explore new restaurants and hang outs. Here are our two favorite old faithful spots:

1. HG Sply: we always share the carnitas nachos, add extra cheese and get Ranch Waters to drink 
2. Doc B’s: I love the Brussels sprout salad and always get a side of fries. Alan changes it up but he loves their chicken Parmesan.

(Fun fact: I have quite the love of French fries. I gave them up from January 1st until our wedding. My first fries back (besides serving Whataburger fries late night at the wedding) were Doc B’s!)

We are so happy for you, Leah, and wish you nothing but blessings and joy!

Venue: Bass Hall, TCU Robert Carr Chapel
Photographer: Lucy Struve 
Hair & Makeup: Elan Studio, Anita Brown
Wedding Planner: Neesley Events, Hunter Neesley
Florist: Justine Florals 
Invitations: Shine Invitations 
Cake: Creme de la Creme Bakery 
Catering: Magdalena’s
Rentals: Grand Events

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